Our Philosophy

Our firm's objective is to provide our clients with compassionate representation during the difficult times in life. Our business is assisting our clients in navigating through the legal processes necessary to protect their interests and resolve their disputes. 


Published Cases on Appeal:


Kerby v. Kerby, 164P.3d 1049, 2007 OK 35


Kerby v. Kerby, 164P.3d 1053, 2007 OK 36


Reeves v. Parker, 143P.3d 516. 2006 OK CIV APP 113


In the Matter of Adoption of LJS, 216 P.3d 300, 2009 OK CIV App



Unpublished Cases on Appeal:


Dismuke v. Dismuke, DF-101264


In the Matter of Guardianship of Parker, DF-102450


Brown v. Vada, DF-102855


Brown v. Vada, DF-102856


Vernon v. Davis, PR-102890


In Re Marriage of Meas, DF-103899


In Re Marriage Cooper v. Cooper, DF-104686


Wattenbarger v. Russell, HC-104969


Biggs v. Kirk, PR-108503 



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